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Easy to apply, long-lasting, these polishes straight from the USA promise to revolutionize the way we do our manicures. Discover this new fashion woman product.

What is it ?

Also called "dip powder", the nail polish powder consists of fine particles of acrylic. Often used by pros in salons, it allows for all kinds of effects on the nails: a matte finish, a touch of glitter, a nice gradient, a metallic rendering etc.
Unlike a classic varnish, it applies consistently on a fairly thick basis and is covered with a specific top coat. Can not use it with your usual base and top coat if you already have one! Its main assets? Avoid the burrs and offer an outfit close enough semi-permanent, about twenty days, but without having to spend his hands under a UV lamp.

How to apply it correctly

The first step is to apply a base on the nail, very thick, on which the particles of varnish will come to hang. It is important to apply the base as accurately and consistently as possible to get a sharp rendering.
Once the base is applied, simply plunge the nail into the small pot containing the particles of powder varnish. The powder will settle on the previously applied base. Then remove the excess material with a brush and plunge the nail once or twice if necessary until the desired intensity.
After removing the excess material with the brush, apply the layer of top coat and then polish the nail to obtain a smooth and clean surface. Finally, apply a final layer of top coat finish.

His strengths: he offers the same outfit as a semi-permanent nail polish, without having to spend his hand on a UV lamp. The application is a little more fun than with a classic nail polish.

Its weak points: you have to be expert enough to obtain a satisfactory result. In addition, the powder coating can only be removed with pure acetone, which is quite aggressive for the nails

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