Fashion Mini XXS Bag by Simon Jacquemus

Simon Porte Jacquemus is one of the jewels of the current fashion scene. It must be said that his creations detonate, they feel good summer. Holidays. The sun and the family gatherings around a barbecue in total opposition to the exacerbated rigor of his colleagues.

And so far, it was a faultless with his pieces often simple but effective. Even if some items were fancy. Like its ultra-wide hats, ultimate protection against sunburn and other skin cancers. Or, in contrast, "The Chiquito" ("tiny" in the language of Cervantes), a croquignolet bag twelve centimeters. For his fall / winter collection, the stylist went even further in the absurd by offering a "Mini Chiquito", a "mini tiny". A handbag that holds ... in the palm of a hand!

XXS handbags: a bobo / ecolo piece?

The figures leave no voice: 5.2 cm long and 8.7 cm high! Immediately, many fashion editors wondered if this was a genius find. Or the most grotesque fashion object that was never invented. Jacquemus did not totally invent the mini-bag to start. For a few seasons already, it is found on the wrist (well, rather in the hands) of famous influencers. This is the usual catch-up where women have a habit of storing all their emptiness. Indeed, with the XS bag, we are satisfied with the minimum. Wallet, phone, chewing gum, little hygienic protection ... and that's about it.

One could almost see there a bobo / ecolo gesture. You sort and choose laboriously what object will have the immense honor of strolling with us. The advantage: its look, both casual in the day and glamorous at night, worn as a gala clutch. But here, at that bag, we could still and rightly find him practical-practical merits. The XXS bag is certainly more difficult to defend ...

XXS handbags, an already viral product

Well, what do we get into this bag that only takes a few inches? Well, nothing, or almost. It's that even your credit card would not find its place! Unsurprisingly, the bag has become a meme and users are wondering which item deserves the most return. The lip balm? A piece ? A pastille with mint? The worst thing is that the reflection is not as stupid as it looks.

But if many laugh nicely at the product, others do not hide their excitement at the thought of getting it. Proof is, on the official website of the brand, the famous Mini-Chiquito is sold out in almost all its colors. For many customers, the bag is not just a whimsical coquetry. But a modest door from the start in the world of luxury that makes them dream. 400 euros is a considerable sum, today more than ever. But this is a trifle if you compare this amount to the tariffs of bags to the more conventional size. Which easily exceed the thousand euros, Jacquemus at least. We would be almost tempted to say "micro bag, micro budgets" ... almost

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, already fans

Anyway, this is an admirable campaign promo for Jacquemus and any other brand that offers his bag XXS. Indeed, not a single medium has missed eccentricity. And it-girls Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner have already set their sights on this mini bag.

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