How to maintain your leather bag? infos blog

Waterproofing your purse

First and foremost, you must preserve your favorite accessory from the worst plague: rain. Nothing is worse than water to spoil a leather, which makes it lose its shape, but also its shine. We therefore take care of spraying it with waterproofing, usually sold in all leather or mass-market equipment stores, before wearing it first and then regularly throughout the year.

Hold the leather of your bag

Leather, whether plant or animal origin, deserves good maintenance. We do not hesitate to use professional, nourishing and adapted products to protect it from drying out and micro-scratches. To eliminate stains, we avoid waxing that could damage our clothes or our homemade recipes with vinegar or baby wipes in favor of appropriate stain removers, bought in stores.

Keep the shape of your bag

A well-maintained bag is a storage bag. When not in use, it is stored in a cupboard away from the sun, hanging from a hanger or packed in a dust bag to protect it from dust. We also try to fill it with paper towels or newspaper to keep its original shape while avoiding crushing it under a stack of other stacked bags.

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