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A look in the fashion scene is enough to see that a certain material has now become indispensable: leather. But all that glitters is not gold! Looking more closely, it becomes clear that a large number of clothes are not made of genuine leather but PU. PU is the abbreviation for polyurethane, a tear-resistant polymer that can still be very elastic. The leather-look garments are a true statement of his personality, which are not morally reprehensible, but very practical and adapted to everyday life. The modern leatherette is also mostly made with PU coated fabric. In order for the coating to remain elastic and flexible, the coating gives an additional foamy structure. For leatherette, you can find other coatings, but polyurethane offers a decisive advantage: it lets the skin breathe and increases the feeling of comfort. PU - fashionable women have a clear conscience. Vegan love PU leather because it is an alternative to genuine cow leather and it's cheaper also. The PU leather must be 100 % synthetic to be vegan.

You will find a wide variety of easy care products, made of PU. From belt jackets to shoes and bags - these days, you'll find a fashion leather look in every style. Be convinced that polyurethane products have nothing to envy to true leather clothing in terms of appearance and touch. You will certainly find here your new favorite clothing that will accompany you with style in the new season. With PU clothing, you're not only in the trend, you're also wearing very practical clothes that allow you to master the everyday with brio. Have we managed to convince you of the benefits of PU? In this case, let yourself be inspired by the fashionable easy to wear leatherette.

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